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They WILL make you sleepy. You will feel drowsiness for the first four days. It increases your appetite and makes you eat more. See results within a week as long as you’re consistent. Working out helps tone your body the way you want it to. 

$18 for one pack 

$32.40 for two packs 

$50.40 for three packs 

$75 for five packs 

They come with a workout plan and instructions!

Take TWO at the same time ONCE A DAY. One pack includes 20. 

It’s good to at least start off with 3 packs because it’ll be a months supply.

Do NOT take this if you are pregnant or breastfeeding!!

 MUST  be 18 years old or older !!!!

Lets get THICK !! 

BUY ONE , GET ONE 20% off. Enter GETTHICK at checkout